UK’s first flight simulator on genuine 747 flight deck open to the public in Manchester

Ever wondered what it would be like to get to grips with the controls of the Queen of the Skies?

Well, now you can, thanks to The Deck 747 by Doors2Manual. The UK’s first ever flight simulator on a genuine 747 flight deck is already open to the public and giving Av-Geeks a truly magical experience.

You might remember the fuss created on England’s motorways last summer when the top deck of the British Airways’ G-BYGA aircraft made its final journey from Kemble scrapping yard in the Cotswolds to Barton City Airport, Manchester.

Since then, the team at The Deck 747 have been working hard to not only get the old girl fixed up and open for tours but also to restore the flight deck to working order.

The team have the upper deck cabin showcased as it was during its flying days, with the iconic British Airways’ classic Club World seats and the cabin door fully open for boarding.

It’s in the cockpit that the experience really takes off. Remarkably well preserved for an authentic feel, the seats are still in place from their travels across the globe, complete with their fur covers. The pilot bunk beds are there as well and, most importantly, so are almost all of the plane’s controls.

Many aspects, like the original control columns, rudder pedals, thrust, and gear lever are original while others, such as the auto-pilot, were lost in the scrapping/recycling system and have been replaced through the team’s tireless efforts to source genuine/realistic sim parts.

While the simulator is not set up to a complete pilot-training standard, the main controls are all linked to sim inputs giving an authentic flying experience for all including a 200 degree, fully immersive, wraparound screen.

From sampling a flight from Manchester to Liverpool to famous airports in Hong Kong or enjoying the views over the Alps, we offer global maps that customers can choose between.

Flight simulator prices begin at £59.95 and packages can also include up to four simulators all on location at Manchester Airport, Barton. Among those are the UK’s first 737 MAX sim that’s open to the public and an A320 simulator, allowing the biggest Av-Geeks to compare flying a range of aircraft.

Customers can currently enjoy 15% at The Deck 747 if they book during January using the code JANUARY15. Bookings can be made online at


Leanne Greenwood: “My husband has an interest in flying and thoroughly enjoyed it and (even) with little interest, I thought it was amazing. The set up is very impressive. My husband will definitely be back. If you’re thinking of booking then don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it.”

John Gaskell: “Absolutely fantastic experience- the sim is superb and the freedom to do what you want is epic! Highly recommended.”

Drew Hanna, director: “After The Deck’s very public journey from Kemble to Manchester, our team have worked tirelessly over recent months to get such an iconic part of British flight history back into working order. We’re very proud that we’ve been able to return the flight deck to very close to how it was and are glad that we have been able to source replica sim parts for those components that had been removed. As the UK’s first flight simulator on a genuine 747 flight deck, we’re so pleased to be able to play such an important role in securing the legacy of the Queen of the Skies.”

Aine Behan, director: “Customers have already been pouring through the hangar doors and sampling life on the flight deck. We’ve been humbled by the response, from first-time simulator fliers to experienced users. We’re able to offer a genuine flying experience on maps across the world that are already proving a real hit.”

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