The best horror games on PC

The PC market has all the benefits of the AAA space — with a handful of console exclusives and Nintendo games being the main exceptions — along with the largest supply of indie, mods, and experimental projects on any platform. There is no genre that PC gaming is lacking, and the openness of the platform for both gamers and developers has unleashed an overwhelming amount of games over the past few decades. There’s no shortage of high-quality games to pick from, with scary PC games seeing a huge surge in popularity in particular.

PC horror games can take on just about any form. There are the traditional survival horror games, multiplayer horror games, ones that go for photorealism, and others that don’t have graphics at all. Plus, because PC games aren’t locked from one generation to another, you can access horror games from decades ago with relative ease. That also means that there are way too many PC horror games to reasonably know how to pick out the best ones.

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The indie scene has produced games in just about every genre now, some of which are even considered to be among the best in those respective genres. But, outstanding indie horror games on PC have been around perhaps longest of all. IMSCARED is an unfortunate one that seems to have been forgotten by the wider audience. It originally launched way back in 2012, but was given a full release on Steam in 2016. Like the best indie games, and horror games in general, it uses its limited budget and technical limitations to its advantage in creating a deeply unnerving experience from all angles. Unlike cheaper horror games in the indie space, IMSCARED never relies on tricks or jump scares to get a reaction from the player. That being said, and without spoiling too much, it does play with your expectations and how you interact with games to an extent. Visually, this game is very rough on the eyes. That’s intentional. IMSCARED is very ‘90s inspired through and through. Don’t expect a straightforward or understandable narrative here. You begin with the task of opening a locked door and instructions that simply state “I need a Heart in order to open it.” From there, things only get more distorted and bizarre, but in a way that’s so gripping you won’t want to stop until you hit the end — unless things get too frightening, that is. [/dt_media]

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