Unexpected Results From a Major Study, Is It Worth Doing?

Although many view a colonoscopy as an uncomfortable or even scary procedure, 17.7 million of them are carried out annually in the United States, and 60.6 percent of people have had one in the past 10 years. It’s believed that a colonoscopy not only helps find cancer but also prevents cancer from developing from polyps. … Read more

IRS Alerts Taxpayers They Must Answer a New Question on Tax Forms or Face Consequences

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued an alert to taxpayers on Tuesday, reminding them that they must report all digital asset-related income and answer a new digital asset question on their 2022 federal income tax return or face consequences such as delayed refunds or even penalties. The IRS said in a Jan. 24 release that a … Read more

Leading US Economic Indicator Falls for 10th Straight Month, Suggesting Recession Soon

A key indicator that gauges the health of the American economy fell for the tenth straight month in December, exceeding forecasts and suggesting a potential recession in the months ahead. The Conference Board Leading Economic Index (LEI) for the United States declined by 1 percent, to 110.5 in December, following a 1.1 percent decrease in … Read more

Why Some People Never Become Infected With COVID-19

With the ongoing surge of COVID-19 infections in China, many are shocked by its scale and worried about a potential new wave hitting the rest of the world. How can you better protect yourself if another wave does come to your region? Here, we take a close look into the factors impacting our antiviral immunity. Some … Read more

Natural Immunity Superior to Vaccination Against Infection in Children: Study

Children with natural immunity were better protected from COVID-19 infection and hospitalization than children who were vaccinated, according to a new study. Children aged 5 to 11 with post-infection protection, or natural immunity from an infection with Omicron or a subvariant, and no vaccination had 88.4 percent protection against reinfection, researchers in North Carolina found. … Read more

Elon Musk Reveals ‘Major Side Effects’ After 2nd COVID Booster

Elon Musk said he felt like he “was dying” after his second COVID-19 booster shot. “I had major side effects from my second booster shot,” the new Twitter boss wrote in a social media post. “Felt like I was dying for several days. Hopefully, no permanent damage, but I don’t know.” Musk didn’t provide medical … Read more

Business Optimism Seen for Vancouver’s Gastown Despite Starbucks Closure, Homelessness Issue

VANCOUVER—The closure of a popular Starbucks in Vancouver on New Year’s Eve is another setback in the challenges the city’s Downtown Eastside is facing due to poverty, homelessness, and addiction. Beside the famous steam clock in historic Gastown, the coffee shop at 199 Water Street had operated for 28 years. And while critics blame the … Read more

Major Media Want to Know Who Guaranteed Sam Bankman-Fried’s $250 Million Bond

NEW YORK—Eight major media outlets on Thursday asked the U.S. judge overseeing Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal case to make public the names of two people who helped guarantee the FTX cryptocurrency exchange founder’s $250 million bond. Saying the public interest “cannot be overstated,” lawyers for the outlets, including Reuters, said the public’s right to know Bankman-Fried’s … Read more

FDA Adviser Says Young and Healthy People Shouldn’t Get Latest COVID Boosters

A vaccine adviser to the Food and Drug Administration is questioning whether young, healthy people should get new COVID-19 boosters, arguing those shots should be used for older individuals. “I believe we should stop trying to prevent all symptomatic infections in healthy, young people by boosting them with vaccines containing mRNA from strains that might … Read more

Doctor Calls for Withdrawal of Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Following New Research

An American doctor is joining the calls for the withdrawal of the messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccines, pointing to new research that highlights a connection between the shots and adverse events. Dr. Joseph Fraiman, a doctor based in Louisiana who also conducts research on COVID-19 and other health issues, says it’s time to halt the administration … Read more