Pokemon Go Accidentally Leaks Brand New Scarlet & Violet ‘Mon

We have our bets on it being a Bug/Steel-type.

For the most part, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company has done a pretty good job keeping a lid on Scarlet & Violet so far, announcing new mechanics and Pokemon on their own terms instead of the absolute avalanche of leaks we saw with Sword & Shield. There’s still time for some slip ups though, as showcased by Pokemon Go which seems to have accidentally leaked a new unannounced Pokemon from Scarlet & Violet.

Spotted and shared by a group of Pokemon Go dataminers, the funny little guy looks to be a Bug-type Pokemon with a gold coin on its back. 3D assets were found inside a Pokemon Go’s file named “pmMystery” and is referred to as “pm1080,” likely a reference to the ‘mons National Pokedex number. Since it’s the only Gen 9 Pokemon found in Pokemon Go at the minute, it’s possible that it could be an exclusive similar to Meltan in Gen 8.


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Whatever the little creature’s name is, it does appear to be in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet at the very least. Eagle-eyed fans found a mysterious new Pokemon hiding behind some menu options in a trailer released last month. This Pokemon hadn’t been officially announced by Nintendo or The Pokemon Company, but could clearly be seen hanging out next to a Trainer taking a selfie. This very same Pokemon looks pretty much identical to the one found in Pokemon Go, giving the leak much more legitimacy.

This wasn’t the only unannounced Pokemon spotted recently either, as fans noticed several new ‘mons on the game’s minimap during the same trailer, including a pair of mice, a colorful bird, and a rock shaped like a mushroom. Some believe it also gave us a very blurry look at Ceruledge and Armarouge’s pre-evolution, which can be seen far in the distance while the player is assaulting a Team Star base.

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