Netflix Tweet About Cancelling Shows Resurfaces & the Internet is Having a Field Day

One of Netflix’s old tweets about cancelling shows is making the rounds again. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for a variety of fandoms. The red brand has cancelled series like Dead End: Paranormal Park and Inside Job. But over in the live-action department, some fans are still reeling from Warrior Nun, Uncoupled, and 1899. Every week, it seems another disgruntled part of the Internet joins the quest to get one of their favorites renewed. Although lots of shows never got to have the ending they envisioned, it’s fair to wonder why these changes seem to be ramping up. Across the entertainment landscape, you’ve got companies deciding to can entire finished series and whole movies just to save money via tax write-ins. So, the viewers will continue pointing out the hypocrisy whenever there’s an opportunity. Check out some of the best tweets down below.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos and his management team are happy with the movie releases recently. But, even Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery‘s rollout didn’t come with some complaints. The executive explained the company’s movie release strategy recently.

“First I’ll tell you: we’re in the business of entertaining our members, with Netflix movies on Netflix. So that’s where we focus all of our energy and most of our spends.” Sarandos shared. “Our films are always heavily featured in film festivals around the world. Because they’re in demand, made by the greatest filmmakers on the planet. For all those folks who can’t get to a city where a festival is, this one-week release on 600 screens is a way of creating access to the film and building buzz – the same thing we’re doing at festivals. So I would look at this as another way to build anticipation for the film and build buzz and reputation for the film, ahead of its Netflix release.”

Do you think any of the cancelled shows will get a second chance? Let us know down in the comments!

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