Moviebill Rebrands As ‘Really’ And Sets International Expansion – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Moviebill, the US-based augmented reality platform, has rebranded as ‘Really’ and will expand Augmented Reality (AR) distribution and Web3 content offerings to moviegoers internationally and through its partnership with Regal. 

As part of the rebrand, the platform will expand its distribution by extending AR content to cinema partners in Japan, South Korea, Germany, Australia, and the UK in 2023. The company will also launch a new standalone mobile app in January 2023 that will interconnect AR experiences through the Regal App, WebAR, Social Lenses, and native OS. 

Really and Regal cinemas have had a close relationship. In July 2022, the two companies launched ‘Regal Collectible Tickets,’ a program that allows moviegoers to unlock and save AR digital collectible tickets for movies they see in theatres. The platform has said more than 1.1M unique tickets were collected in the first 20 weeks. The program will continue through 2023. 

Really has since released collectible tickets for over 50 movies, including Jordan Peele’s Nope and comic book flicks such as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Black Adam, and more recently, James Cameron’s Avatar sequel The Way of Water

The Really AR platform first launched in 2018 with a software development kit directly integrated into the Regal app and has since executed over 500 AR experiences to support studio releases. The platform has said that in the last 24 months, it has seen over 5,500,000 users across narrative, discovery, game, and lens AR experiences. 

 “We see a clear correlation between AR usage and increased commercial activity in our mobile app,” said Chris Sylvia, VP of Digital and Media for Regal. “The Collectible Ticket program gives us a uniquely tangible way to engage with our loyal customers and gives our moviegoers a way to take ownership of their moviegoing experience at Regal.” 

Really Founder and CEO James Andrew Felts added: “Augmented Reality creates a tangible sense of Experience Ownership — a term we use to describe that deep personal relationship we have with the content we love most. The activity of collecting an AR ticket elicits the same excitement and feeling of ownership you get from hanging a poster on your wall, organizing a special photo album, or keeping a shoe box stuffed with ticket stubs.”

The Really AR platform will continue to offer new digital collectibles and experiences for upcoming movies released at Regal while expanding into Web3 offerings in 2023, starting with Proof-of-Attendance collectibles (POA) — custom fan tokens that will be granted based on the number of Regal Collectible Tickets a moviegoer acquires during a given month. POA collectors will be able to unlock token-gated content like virtual live events, games, and more, based on how many collectibles a user claims and what level of rarity is earned.

“Moviegoers are the creme-de-la-creme of the entertainment customers,” said Felts. “We are focused on delivering next-gen digital experiences for customers who actively engage with entertainment in all possible ways, in real life, and in the digital realm.”

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