Many left without internet after winds snapped a telecommunication tower | News

It’s thrown a lot of people offline

CORNING, CALIF,.– A lot of people in Corning have been left without internet after Saturday’s storm bent a telecommunication’s tower in half.

Action News Now talked with the CEO of DM-Tech, Cherliyn Downey, she said their tower was so badly damaged it needs to be replaced entirely.

“I got a call that our tower has been damaged during that I believe it’s called a straight wind storm, something akin to a tornado,” Downey told Action News Now.

Neighbors Kevin White and his wife were connected to the tower, he told Action News Now that having no internet makes running their business more tedious.

“You know life is a little different, you use your cellphone a lot more if there’s no network, a lot of our property out here is on a big network you know so some of that stuff we have to go check on manually, it’s not horrible, it’s not, you know we still work out here but it’s harder,” he said.

He told Action News Now it takes more than rain and shine to grow a successful farm.

“Moisture levels are incredibly important especially during drought so we have soil monitors out here that just use internet, all of our timers and stuff are on that. Our walk in cooler to store vegetables and stuff after their harvested is, is still working but all the sensors that are inside of it, they’re not getting, transmitting any data anywhere,” said White.

DM-Tech said the new internet tower is already in route from Ohio — in the meantime they’re planning to re-connect some customers to different towers.

“Hopefully in the next day or so, we’ll get a lot of those people who are down back online because we do understand how important the internet is for school and for work,” said Downey.

It could take a while to get new equipment set up but DM-Tech said customers who need to pay bills, or have Zoom calls for work or school can come by their temporary conference room. 

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