It’s Time to Plant 30,000 — Yes, 30,000 — Tulips at Descanso Gardens – NBC Los Angeles

What to Know

  • Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge
  • The lush destination enjoys a colossal and colorful tulip bloom each March; viewing the tulips is included with garden admission
  • Volunteers and staff members plant some 30,000 bulbs in January

Before there can be thousands and thousands of vibrant tulips to admire, there must be tulip bulbs.

And before those bulbs can burst into tall and picturesque flowers, they must be planted.

And doing that wintertime planting at Descanso Gardens, one of the best-known places on the West Coast to view the storied flowers in the days just before and after the spring equinox?

A terrific team of dedicated volunteers and staff members.

That bloom-boosting group will be out at the La Cañada Flintridge garden in the days to come, carefully placing tulip bulbs, one at a time, in a sizable plot that’s located fairly close to the gates.

Once snug in the soil, the knobby bulbs will begin to sprout with greenery, with the first flowers of the season sometimes making a pretty showing a week or so after Valentine’s Day.

But it will be a few more additional weeks before the major flower-tacular takes place around the middle of March, give or take.

The Descanso Gardens social pages revealed on Jan. 17, 2023 that “the #tulip bulbs have arrived! Yesterday 30,000 bulbs were placed along the Promenade so planting could start today.”

Video of the planting, as well as beautiful blooms from bygone years, also appeared on the post.

When all of those oodles of tulips will spring forth is a bit of wait-and-see game, especially given the dramatic weather in recent days.

Your best bet, tulipians of Southern California? Keep your mid-March on the open side, and keep an eye on updates from Descanso Gardens.

When the tulips do begin to peak, you’ll be able to enjoy them with Descanso Gardens admission; no separate tulip-centered ticket will be required.

Pictured: A past tulip bloom.

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