It’s a Vampiric Valentine’s Weekend at the Million Dollar Theatre – NBC Los Angeles

What to Know

  • Million Dollar Theatre in DTLA; food purchased at Grand Central Market, next door to the cinema, will be permitted inside
  • “Queen of the Damned” will screen on Feb. 10; “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” is the Feb. 11 film; and “Jennifer’s Body” will haunt the DTLA theater on Feb. 14
  • $28 general, $31 reserved

Do vampires keep calendar apps on their smartphones?

We’re not sure that they need to, seeing as how these elegantly eerie icons rule the night, and generally avoid the sun, and live the sorts of velvety, poetic existences that famously span the centuries.

(And, to be honest, we’re not sure vampires would care for smartphones, as the devices would likely ping all day long during the very hours the avowed night owls are at rest.)

But if they did keep calendars, surely the 14th day, er, night of February would be circled in bright red ink. For while the famous figures are synonymous with Halloween and October, gothic romance novels tell us that Valentine’s is truly the vampire’s holiday.

The movie-loving team at Street Food Cinema is ready to honor this eternal connection between the supernatural superstars and the sweet celebration with some scintillating screenings at the Million Dollar Theatre.

First up, on Feb. 10? It’s “Queen of the Damned.” Actress Marguerite Moreau will appear at the screening, which will also feature a cabaret that takes its thematic cues from the vampire world.

“Bram Stoker’s Dracula” alights at the DTLA destination on Feb. 11, so don your favorite velvet cape and lace collar. Along with the showing of the 30-year-old gem, there shall be “live comedy, photo opportunities, audience games, and more,” as well as cocktails for purchase.

And the wicked work unspooling at the Million Dollar Theatre on Feb. 14? It doesn’t hail from the realm of the vampiric but rather high school: It’s “Jennifer’s Body,” the third in the “Bloody Valentines” series.

Important to know? If you purchase food at Grand Central Market, which is just next door to the landmark, you can bring your bites into the cinema.

A general ticket is $28 and a reserved seat is $31.

Vampires will grandly sweep back into our cinemas, for certain, this fall. But if you’re seeking a Valentine’s Day outing with a twist, an experience that has some sultry scares and plenty of frightful flair, look to the downtown cinema and the Street Food Cinema line-up haunting the theater this February.

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