How to complete the Twinkling Fantasy Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

It is time to take to the skies, or at least look to them. The Pokémon Go Twinkling Fantasy event is bringing a number of rare Fairy and Dragon-type Pokémon to players around the world. This includes the introduction of Mega Salamence and the first appearance of Shiny Dedenne. 

Running from Jan. 10 to 16, rare Pokémon like Deino, Bagon, Goomy, Dedenne, and more are all going to appear more frequently in the wild. Players can also find Mawile and Druddigon in raids alongside Mega Salamence and Zekrom. 

The encounters are the main thing that should draw players to this event, especially since Pokémon like Clefairy and Ralts are essentially guaranteed—which is good since the Collection Challenge requires players to catch them. 

For the Twinkling Fantasy event, players are tasked with catching essentially every Pokémon that is appearing with boosted spawn rates if they want to complete the Collection Challenge. This also includes evolving at least one of the featured Pokémon and catching a Togetic in the wild if you don’t have a Togepi to evolve. 

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This shouldn’t be too hard to complete considering all but two Pokémon are appearing as basic encounters and a few are also featured in raids. So if you plan on tackling this task, here is how to complete the Twinkling Fantasy Collection Challenge. 

How to complete the Twinkling Fantasy Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

  • Catch a Ralts
  • Catch a Dratini
  • Catch a Clefairy
  • Catch a Jigglypuff
  • Catch a Marill
  • Catch a Bagon
  • Catch a Deino
  • Catch a Dedenne
  • Catch a Togetic
  • Catch a Clefable

Total rewards: 50 Salamence Mega Energy, one Fast TM, and one Charged TM

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