How hot dip galvanised steel benefits building design

Steel is one of the most popular and widely-used building materials the world over. Galvanised steel, in particular, continues to be an outstanding element in building design.

What is hot dip galvanised steel?

Hot dip galvanised steel is simply zinc-coated steel, making it extremely durable with a maintenance-free lifespan.

Hot dip galvanising is a process in which steel is cleaned and immersed in molten zinc. This zinc coating contributes to the high durability and corrosion-resistant properties of steel. Moreover, hot dip galvanising provides full coverage to steel, and delivers superior protection to the material from the external environment.

Benefits of hot dip galvanised steel building materials

Hot dip galvanised steels are widely used in building applications where materials with high corrosion resistance properties are required. The other benefits of using galvanised steel are:

Durability and Reliability

Fully hot dip galvanised steel that meets the Australian Standard AS/NZS4680 is highly durable and reliable. AS/NZS4680 sets the minimum requirements for hot dip zinc coating thickness and tests for various steel building products, including T-bars, lintels, retaining wall posts and adjustable builder’s posts. The tough zinc coating offers outstanding durability and efficiency to steel. At Galintel, our steel building products also achieve the R3 durability rating of AS/NZS2699.3.

Long Life

Hot dip galvanised steel building materials such as lintels and retaining wall posts have an exceedingly long life without maintenance. Since they are abrasion-resistant, they are generally used in the most corrosive and harshest of environments. According to the Galvanisers Association of Australia, steel meeting the minimum coating thickness of 85 microns in a C4 corrosivity zone will have an expected life of 20 to 40 years to first maintenance.

Low Maintenance

Hot dip galvanised steel building materials require no maintenance unlike some other building materials. The zinc coating serves as a protective coating. Hence, using zinc coated steel lintels, T-bars, and other steel building products can considerably reduce maintenance costs.

Low Cost and Availability

One of the main benefits of hot dip galvanised steel is that they are affordable and readily available. They are also available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes.

Easy Installation

Galvanised steel building materials such as retaining wall posts and lintels are the easiest to install on-site.

Need our help?

Galvanised steel has a proven record of performing extraordinarily well in harsh environments. If you need high quality, reliable galvanised steel building products such as lintels, T-bars, retaining wall posts, shelf angles and adjustable builder’s posts for your construction project in Australia, please contact us. Our Galintel range of steel building products meets the highest Australian standards and offers good value for your construction projects.

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