Gold Coast police officer stood down pending investigation after man pepper sprays himself

A Queensland Police officer has been stood down and is under internal investigation after a video emerged of him allegedly standing by while a young man sprayed himself in the face with police-issue pepper spray.  

The Gold Coast officer was the subject of a viral video that was shared last month with the caption, “Pepper sprayed by the cops but make it more DIY”. 

In the video, an officer is seen standing beside a man who is handling what appears to be a canister of pepper spray. 

The man’s friends can be heard in the background and the officer can be heard telling the man the effects last for “hours” moments before he sprays himself in the eyes and mouth.

The video has since been deleted from the poster’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Oleoresin capsicum spray, known as OC spray or pepper spray, is classified as a ‘Category R’ weapon in Queensland — the same category of weapon as machine guns and military hardware such as grenades and rocket launchers.

It is illegal for members of the public to possess pepper spray without a licence.

Strict rules govern its use by police including training, compulsory reporting as a use-of-force incident, and a duty of care to assist in the recovery.

Akin to using a taser

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