Fans react as Rockstar addresses GTA Online PC exploits

Rockstar Games has finally issued an official statement in response to the GTA Online PC exploits. While it took more than 48 hours for the American company to address the issue after it surfaced on January 21, 2023, fans are relieved that it is aware of the game-breaking vulnerabilities.

On January 24, 2023, at 4:35 am IST, Rockstar Games’ official technical support handle, Rockstar Support, shared a tweet addressing the issue. It assured PC players that the problem would be resolved in “an upcoming planned security-related Title Update.”

We are aware of potential new exploits in GTA Online for PC, which we aim to resolve in an upcoming planned security-related Title Update. If you think you might have experienced any related issues, please reach out to Rockstar Support:

The studio also urged players to report any Grand Theft Auto 5-related issues to its customer support website.

Popular data miner Ben appreciated Rockstar Games’ efforts and requested that the developer fix the recently re-released GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition.

The community quickly responded to the tweet and many fans, including data miners and YouTubers, shared their thoughts on the matter.

Fans put pressure on Rockstar Games to fix the GTA Online PC RCE exploits

The news of Grand Theft Auto Online’s remote code execution exploit on PC spread like wildfire. Social media sites were inundated with heated debates about the issue and Rockstar Games. While most fans are waiting for a fix, some have gone as far as uninstalling the game and calling for a ban on the multiplayer title.

As soon as the gaming studio addressed the issue on Twitter, fans responded with a slew of demands. While Rockstar promised players a title update to address the issue, popular GTA YouTuber and critic TheProfessional chastised the company for its slow responses.

Another YouTuber, TGG, requested that the studio employ a community manager to keep in touch with fans on a regular basis.

YouTubers Mors Mutual Insurance and Istura asked Rockstar to restore all GTA Online accounts that have been corrupted by modders.

@RockstarSupport Hopefully you guys will be able to restore all accounts that where lost

@RockstarSupport Do you plan on fixing accounts that have been affected whilst you’ve ignored the issue? Or are you leaving them to purchase the game again and start over?

User Aidan mocked Rockstar Games for not having dedicated servers in GTA Online.

@RockstarSupport billion dollar company, biggest game in the world, still doesn’t have dedicated servers 🤡🤓💀🤮🍆

Another user, NorthernLaw, also requested dedicated servers, increased security, and definitive fixes to the Rockstar Games Social Club application.

@RockstarSupport Even though it took a while, better late than never. Hopefully this gets it through that we NEED Dedicated Servers for the next entry to the Grand Theft Auto series, alongside increased security and a Social Club overhaul of some sort.

User Edp445 shared a depiction image of how the title update would be in the game.

A user named Salvo88 attempted to predict what Rockstar Support would say to resolve the issue.

@RockstarSupport Dont even try. Rockstar Support will tell you to verify your game files or to report a modder that isn’t in your session though the in-game menu. Thanks

What effect does the remote code execution exploit on PC have on the game?

On January 21, 2023, popular Rockstar Games data miner Tez2 revealed the dangerous malware to GTA Online PC players via a tweet. According to him, cheaters can remotely add, remove, and modify other players’ in-game stats, money, and other details, and then mark the account as corrupted.

#GTAOnline PC High Alert⚠️New extreme exploits have appeared allowing cheaters to remotely add/remove/modify your stats and permanently corrupt your account aka ban/delete.Avoid playing without a firewall rule or playing at all!🚨Thanks to @HarryGotTaken for notifying.

Tez2 added that the mod menus are capable of corrupting players’ computers. He advised fans to avoid the multiplayer game for the time being or use a firewall service while playing.

This is how it looks like if your account gets “corrupted” due to the recent RCE exploit on PC. Basically you’ll get stuck in the clouds indefinitely when trying to enter online. AVOID GTAO ON PC RIGHT NOW#GTAOnline

Another data miner, floorball, also shared a video demonstrating how the affected accounts cannot join any multiplayer sessions and will remain stuck on the loading screen indefinitely.

Grand Theft Auto players are still outraged about how the error occurred in the first place. They want Rockstar Games to fix all of the remaining multiplayer-related issues immediately.

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