Eco art and sex exhibit to be on display at Toronto gallery

Artists concerned with environmental decline and climate change have channeled their worries into art displayed at Toronto’s Gallery 1313 in Parkdale.

“Gallery 1313 has long provided a platform for these environmental issues,” reads the gallery website. “Once again, we have an exhibition with over twenty artists that take issue with the serious state of the planet earth.”

Located at Queen Street and Cowan Avenue, the gallery is curated by director Phil Anderson. 

The exhibit includes several artists who use a variety of mediums in their artwork.

Participating artists in The Eco Art Exhibit include Alexandra Kiss, Andrew Lindell, Angele Blastutti, Anne Winter, Cheryl Bailey, Courtney McKay Fairweather, Gerda R. Wekerle, Ignor Sinitar, Istvan Kantor, Joanne Shenfeld, Joe Atikian, Kate Greenway, Leah Oates, Margaret Kittel, Mikael Sandblom, Paige Quinn, Patrizia Brasch, Phil Irish, Robert Teteruck, Sandra Nicole Franke, Skye Cheung and Tommy Feiler.

You can view the exhibit until Jan. 29.

The next exhibit to be featured at the gallery is “A Sex Show.” 

A group exhibit where artists explore sexuality in a variety of ways, A Sex Show attempts to explore many definitions of sex. 

“The definition of sex and sexuality has and always will be open to interpretation,” reads the site. “Each individual has his or her own definition of what is considered sexual. What factors are recognized in the process of defining something as ‘sexual’ or ‘erotic’?”

Artists can submit their art pieces for A Sex Show until 5 p.m. on Jan 24.

The exhibit will run from Feb. 1 to Feb. 12.

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