DataStax Acquires Kaskada for Real-time AI

Data management firm DataStax has announced the acquisition of Kaskada, a machine learning (ML) firm that specializes in managing, storing, and accessing time-based data to train behavioral ML models.

With a track record of contributing to open-source communities, Datastax says it will open-source the core Kasarda technology and plans to offer a new ML cloud service later this year.

An environment for real-time AI

A key challenge with machine learning initiatives is that the process is often manual, complex, and frustrating, resulting in underperforming models that lack relevance and context from real-time data.

By adding Kaskada to its portfolio of cloud services, DataStax says it aims to provide organizations with a single environment to easily and cost-effectively deliver applications infused with real-time AI, using advanced ML/AI models that have been proven by industry leaders such as Netflix and Uber.

According to Gartner, over 90% of new software applications that are developed in the business will contain ML models or services by 2027, as enterprises utilize the massive amounts of data available to the business.

Though ML models can add data-driven intelligence to deliver next best actions, forecasts, and risk assessments, organizations have found it challenging to integrate this intelligence into their operational applications.

Chet Kapoor, chairman, and CEO of DataStax noted that businesses must operate in real-time, using data to power operations and fuel instant, informed decisions and actions.

“DataStax has many customers already using real-time data, and with Kaskada as part of our services portfolio, we can give them the opportunity to use that data to create powerful experiences for their customers with real-time AI. It’s an exciting time for DataStax, and we have a clear new mandate: real-time AI for everyone,” said Kapoor.

“Many companies struggle to see success with their big data projects because they don’t have the luxury of large ML and data engineering organizations–the cost is large and the time to impact is long,” said Davor Bonaci, the CEO of Kaskada.

“[We are] thrilled to join forces with DataStax to enable the real-time AI stack that just works, fueled with data from Astra DB.”

DataStax opened an office in Singapore in 2021. At that time, it said that the move reinforces its commitment to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market and enables the company to meet the growing global demand for Astra DB.

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