Cowboys fans melt down in viral videos after loss to 49ers

The Dallas Cowboys failed to make it to the NFC Championship game for the 27th straight year, losing to the 49ers, 19-12, on Sunday evening. Since the loss, social media has been flooded with videos of Cowboys fans acting exactly how one might expect.

TikTok user Christy Edwards posted a video to her page of a man, perhaps her husband or boyfriend, in the aftermath of Dallas’ loss. In the video, the man – wearing a CeeDee Lamb Cowboys jersey – holds his TV in his hands and walks out to his driveway, where he tosses it violently to the ground.

“What are you doing?” the woman asks, to which the man responds: “I’m f–king sick of this s–t! Every f–king year!”

WARNING: Graphic Language

And he was not done after chucking the TV. He gets in his truck, drives out into the street, then backs up and drives directly over the television.

He was not the only Cowboys fan to have a strong reaction to the loss. In another video that made the rounds on the internet posted by Twitter user Robert Flores, a fan in a Dak Prescott jersey throws a closed-fist punch at his TV as the game ends. He then picks the TV up and attempts to break it over his knee.

“@dallascowboys You guys owe me a new TV,” Flores wrote on Twitter.

Elsewhere, the Cowboys hosted a watch party at AT&T Stadium in Dallas despite the game being played in Santa Clara. After they lost, several fans got into a wild brawl outside the stadium.

The Cowboys may not be a reliable team anymore, but their fans sure are reliable to provide some theatrics – and violence – when they lose.

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