Digital Treatment of Genetic Resources Shakes Up COP15 — Global Issues

The executive secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, highlighted on Friday Dec. 16 the results of the Nagoya Protocol on access to genetic resources and fair benefit sharing at an event during COP15 in the Canadian city of Montreal. But the talks have not reached an agreement on the digital sequencing … Read more

Joe Kennedy III expected to be named as special envoy to Northern Ireland

CNN  —  President Joe Biden is expected to name former congressman Joe Kennedy III as his special envoy to Northern Ireland for economic affairs, according to two people familiar with the plans, installing a member of one of the United States’ most famous political families to the post at a critical moment for the region. … Read more

Medical staff in China’s hospitals say COVID-19 ripping through their ranks

HONG KONG, Dec 14 (Reuters) – A growing number of China’s doctors and nurses are catching COVID-19 and some have been asked to keep working, as people showing mostly moderate symptoms throng hospitals and clinics, according to medical staff and dozens of posts on social media. China’s health authority did not immediately respond to a … Read more

Germany Putting Measures in Place to Curb Illegal Migration Germany Putting Measures in Place to Curb Illegal Migration Germany Putting Measures in Place to Curb Illegal Migration MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Germany has adopted a package of measures to curb illegal immigration and is cooperating on the issue with neighboring Austria, Czech… 17.12.2022, Sputnik International 2022-12-17T13:52+0000 2022-12-17T13:52+0000 2022-12-17T13:53+0000 world germany europe eu migrants migration … Read more

John Carmack leaves Meta with a memo criticizing the company’s efficiency

John Carmack, the virtual reality pioneer who joined Meta from Oculus after its $2 billion acquisition, has left the social network. Business Insider first reported his departure, citing people familiar with the company, and published pieces of his internal memo that contained sentiments critical of Meta and its augmented and virtual reality efforts. After Insider’s … Read more

Why biodiversity is good for our health — Global Issues

The UN biodiversity conference, COP15, is due to wrap up on 19 December. This weekend, we are looking at some of the ways that humanity is reliant on a healthy and thriving global ecosystem. One million species are now said to be at risk of extinction, and if species losses continue to mount, ecosystem functions … Read more