Aman Gupta shares his entrepreneurial journey on Shark Tank India, says he failed 6 times before building boAt

Speaking to a Shark Tank India contestant who talked about his failed businesses, Aman Gupta said that 6 of his startups failed before building boAt wearable brand.

Sneha Saha

New Delhi,UPDATED: Jan 11, 2023 23:31 IST

By Sneha Saha: Shark Tank India season 2 is streaming on the Sony LIV platform. The second season of Shark Tank India is gaining popularity due to the interesting pitches that Sharks are getting from all kinds of industries, including tech, medical, personal grooming and many others. The judges of the season are — Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, and Aman Gupta. On various occasions, the judges of this season of Shark Tank India have seen the Sharks sharing their personal life story on national television. During one of the latest episodes, boAt co-founder Aman Gupta was seen sharing his entrepreneurial journey and says it was full of difficult times.

Speaking to a Shark Tank India contestant who talked about his failed businesses, Gupta said that 6 of his startups failed before building boAt wearable brand. The story encouraged the contestant to restart after facing entrepreneurial failure. After the episode telecast, Gupta took to Twitter and wrote, “In life, we all face downs. I have been down too, more times than one can imagine. But when you hit rock bottom, there is only one way out-Up. Keep hustling,the day you stop trying is the day you fail.Inspired by the spirit of such entrepreneurs and also people with such a spirit.”

Well, this isn’t the first time Gupta encouraged a pitcher on Shark Tank India. During another recent episode, the boAt co-founder was seen encouraging a pitcher to take a job and restart his failed business once he has the money. That gave the Flatheads founder Ganesh Balkrishnan, an IIT and IIM alumni, the courage to decline the Shark Tank offer and take up a corporate job to learn the basics of making a successful business. During that particular episode, the boAt founder said, “There’s no shame in looking for a job. When my businesses didn’t work, I took up a job, saved money, and came up with a new business.” After the episode was telecast, Balkrishnan received tremendous response from consumers and his entire inventory was sold out in 2 days.

Encouraging entrepreneurs who are failing in business, Gupta took to LikedIn to write, “#DownButNotOut”. “During the Flatheads pitch, I could see myself in Ganesh Balakrishnan. Since I could relate with him so much, I didn’t shy away from speaking my mind and told him to do what I would have done if I were him – start over. It was tough feedback and it takes real character to accept it when someone tells you to stop doing what you’re doing and start afresh. And to top it all, it takes real guts to say no to a great funding offer on national TV to restart and recalibrate. I hope he is on to something huge soon. Massive respect and he will be back with a bang,” Gupta’s LinkedIn post read.

Sharing his entrepreneurial journey, Gupta further wrote, “When I was on my entrepreneurial journey, I started once but restarted 5 times. Went to the corporate world and then came back to entrepreneurship. While my story makes for a great story now after being somewhat successful, when you’re experiencing the failures, it’s unnerving.”

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