16 games we think could be surprise hits in 2023

Since Among Us became a global phenomenon in 2020, PC gaming has been unpredictable as hell (opens in new tab). The next big hit once seemed easy to spot from a mile away, but these days it seems like a phenomenon can manifest out of thin air—just look at how many Vampire Survivors clones popped up in 2022 (opens in new tab). We don’t know what 2023’s Among Us or Vampire Survivors will be, but we’re going to try to guess, anyway.

Last week we called out PC Gamer’s most anticipated games of 2023 (opens in new tab), the surefire hits like Diablo 4 (opens in new tab) and Starfield (opens in new tab) we can’t wait to play. Here are 16 games that are much less likely to already be on your radar: they represent our best guesses at the dark horses we’ll be talking about at the end of the year.


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